Firm Profile
The history of our firm reaches back to the beginnings of the public accounting profession in Georgia. The firm's founder George A. Pennington, began his career as a professional employee of Mr. Joel Hunter, who held Georgia C.P.A. Certificate Number 1. Mr. Pennington began his own firm in the late 1920's, and for nearly forty years, directed the development of his practice. The current firm was established in 1945.

The theme of our practice since its inception has been the establishment and maintenance of a close business relationship with our clients. In keeping with this theme, we follow a "business approach" to auditing, accounting, and tax services, which means that we go beyond merely verifying account balances and computing the income tax liability. We obtain a thorough and complete understanding of the clients' day-to-day business operations, the economic environment, and the industry as a whole. We feel that this approach is necessary for us to be able to properly advise our clients in financial matters.

Our firm maintains a relatively small number of clients, and as a result, we are able to devote to each the greatest possible individual attention. We pride ourselves on our prompt and thorough response to client requests for assistance with special problems. Our high degree of familiarity with the clients' operations allows us, between engagements, to monitor new tax and accounting developments and determine their applicability to each client.

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